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Re: gdm does not execute PreSession PostSession scripts

Paul Johnson wrote:
> Well, I don't think it is something in the script, since it does run
> if I just type it's name on the command line after startup.  Also, the
> echo commands that write messages to a text file don't show up.
> I suspect that this problem is one of those Fedora gotchas that
> happens when one person upgrades through a certain sequence of RPM
> installs and something that is expected doesn't happen.  Maybe a post
> install script failed, I'll keep trying.
> You mention that you have scripts that run at login. Are you running
> them through some way besides gdm PreSession.  How do you do it?
> pj
One thing to be careful about when writing this type of script, as
well as other scripts that are run by the system, and not by the
user after they are logged on, is that the environment they run in
is not the same as the user's environment. So the script will run
just fine from the command line, but not when run by the system.

One thing that will go a long way towards eliminating this problem
is to give the full path to programs and files. For programs, if
they are not in /bin or /usr/bin, chances are good that they are NOT
going to be found by the program.

Another way to do it is to specify PATH at the start of your script.
That way, you know the search path that is going to be used.


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