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Re: Why is Firefox such a beast??

On Sun, 05 Oct 2008 18:00:09 +0000 (UTC)
Beartooth <Beartooth swva net> wrote:

> 	Maybe I'm just outta my depth here. I have to say that config 
> file would take me years of effort just to read through.

It only takes a second to run a text search on squid.conf, you don't have to
read the whole thing.

#  TAG: visible_hostname
#       If you want to present a special hostname in error messages, etc,
#       define this.  Otherwise, the return value of gethostname()
#       will be used. If you have multiple caches in a cluster and
#       get errors about IP-forwarding you must set them to have individual
#       names with this setting.
# none

I don't have any special setting for that in the squid.conf file on my F8 and
Centos 5 computers.  I vaguely remember having to set that option previously; I
think it was when I was using a single-word name for my computer.  After I
started using a "fully qualified" name, I no longer had to set it.  (This
computer is named mutt.melvilletheatre.net -- if I had named it mutt then I
would have to put a fully qualified name in the squid.conf file.)

What do you get when you type


at a bash prompt?

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