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Re: gnash and swfdec won't work

Martín Marqués wrote:
I have a problem with a specific flash, which are tutorials done in
presentations [1].

The thing is, flash-plugin (from adobe) shows the flash .swf ok (on an
older i386 computer), with sound and everything. gnash and swfdec
don't (on my new AMD64). gnash and swfdec shows OK videos from youtube
and one of the most important newspapers of Argentina [2].

What am I missing? Why does gnash show the youtube videos with sound
and everything, but not this powerpoint presentation[1]?

[1]: http://www.aulaclic.es/power2007/t_1_1.htm
[2]: http://videos.lanacion.com

If the link you are using to start the presentation is the one called "Inciar PowerPoint" with the animated video camera icon, it starts a javascript program. Does your browser have javascript enabled?

You don't indicated with browser you are using but if it is Firefox, you might also enter "about:plugins" to see what plugins are available. I can see the presentation and I show

   File name: libflashplayer.so
   Shockwave Flash 7.0 r68



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