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Re: what is happening to reply-to header?

Aaron Konstam:
>>> How is an Unmatched folder different than the Inbox folder?

>> Messages that don't match any filters, versus all the messages in the
>> inbox folder (some of its contents will match a filter).

Aaron Konstam:
> Once again you confuse me. When I run evolution I get no Unmatched
> folder. Mail that match no filter end up in the Inbox folder. Under what
> circumstances would a message that matches a filter would end up in the
> Inbox? That makes no sense to me.

Down the bottom of the folder list there's some "search folders,"
they're virtual folders, which will appear to hold messages that match
some criteria.  The messages could actually be in any number of folders,
you get to pick which folders the virtual folders will search through.

Not all filtering is used to move messages from one place to another,
you may just want to find something in a large pile.  There's a variety
of other actions you can take on filtered messages (changing statuses,
etc.).  One thing you can do with it is give you a way to find all
messages by a certain criteria, and any associated messages (e.g. all
the messages that are threaded together, even if the subject was
changed, and you did your search using the subject).

[tim localhost ~]$ uname -r

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