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Re: Postfix errors in Logwatch

Marc Schwartz wrote:
> Hi all,
> Over the past couple of weeks or so, I have noted new error messages in
> Logwatch pertaining to Postfix. I use Postfix and Dovecot to support an
> IMAP configuration for the local delivery of root's e-mail to my user
> account, with Thunderbird as the client. These messages had not appeared
> previously and I cannot at this point, recall any changes that I have
> made or recent RPM updates that may have triggered this. The e-mail
> delivery does work, so whatever is happening, it is not precluding basic
> functionality.
> The error messages (a subset) follows:
> Note that the errors are not in chronological sequence and there are
> lots of them. Also, I can find no reference to ghost.localhost.com or
> the IP address in any of the Postfix or Dovecot config files. A Google
> search showed some references to ghost.localhost.com, but nothing
> appeared to be relevant to this particular situation relative to
> solutions.
> Any ideas? Anything jump out from the above?
> TIA,
> Marc Schwartz
Did you change the firewall or mail configuration on
ghost.localhost.com? If ghost.localhost.com is the local machine,
then you should be using localhost ( and not
ghost.localhost.com to send mail to.


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