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Re: Video card

On Mon, Oct 06, 2008 at 14:04:25 -0700,
  Dan <dan steele d gmail com> wrote:
> Could you give me some names of Video cards that are most compatible  
> with Fedora 9 and that have drivers for Fedora 9??         

Do you care if the drivers are free?
Do you need high performance or mostly just reliability?
What kind of busses do you have to plug the card into?
What architecure is your machine?
Is it a desktop, laptop, handheld?
Anything else special about it that you need to work?

Personally I had good success with an AGP Radeon 9200 using Fedora 9.
(Rawhide Radeon support is iffy right now, but will probably be good again
by the release.) It isn't real high performance, but was economical, didn't
need an extra fan, was obtained for a fairly reasonable price and was able
to work with a free driver bundled with Fedora.

Of the more common players in the desktop area, Intel and AMD/ATI are providing
information that allows Fedora to support their video cards. nVidia is not.
nVidia supplies binary only drivers which imposes limitations on other
packages in Fedora.

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