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ssmtp problem

I need system mail to be delivered to my user account. I do not send mail to the outside world using mailx etc, as I use my ISP's pop server. I only have one user on the computer, me (and me as root).

I used sendmail successfully, but thought it might be overkill, so decided to try ssmtp.

I stopped the sendmail daemon. I configured alternatives --config mta. I edited /etc/ssmtp.conf, with root=me and mailhub=localhost.localdomain (I have also tried localhost.localdomain:25).

When I try to send mail as root to me, or as me to root, the following error ensues: send-mail: Cannot open localhost.localdomain:25. System mail is not delivered.

I left newaliases as it was for sendmail, with root's mail being delivered to me, as I still want that, but using ssmtp instead.

Do I need to open the firewall? But I don't want the program to send to the outside world, nor do I want to receive with this program from the outside world. Just system mail on this computer to an account on this computer.

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