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OT: Omega 10 Beta Released

Dear all,

I am tagging this with an OT, but it was on the announce=list, I have just found out about it and I am compelled to share this with the community.  

Making a comparision, 
Omega is like is Like Mint is Ubuntu done right, with multimedis and codecs out of the box.  It is a snapshot of a joint effort from Fedora and Livna working together to produce a distro that will play multimedia files that could be played with a yum install away in Fedora, will now be possible to play in Omega :)

Here's a review:


Great work Rahul and all users who are working with Omega :)

I was looking forward to Fedora Lite, but it was not available as a spin or only as a torrent.  I saw a reference to a SUGAR desktop which I had not heard of before.  




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