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Re: Postfix errors in Logwatch

"Mikkel L. Ellertson" <mikkel infinity-ltd com> writes:

> Marc Schwartz wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Over the past couple of weeks or so, I have noted new error messages in
>> Logwatch pertaining to Postfix. I use Postfix and Dovecot to support an
>> IMAP configuration for the local delivery of root's e-mail to my user
>> account, with Thunderbird as the client. These messages had not appeared
>> previously and I cannot at this point, recall any changes that I have
>> made or recent RPM updates that may have triggered this. The e-mail
>> delivery does work, so whatever is happening, it is not precluding basic
>> functionality.
>> The error messages (a subset) follows:
> <-----------------[SNIP]------------------------>
>> Note that the errors are not in chronological sequence and there are
>> lots of them. Also, I can find no reference to ghost.localhost.com or
>> the IP address in any of the Postfix or Dovecot config files. A Google
>> search showed some references to ghost.localhost.com, but nothing
>> appeared to be relevant to this particular situation relative to
>> solutions.
>> Any ideas? Anything jump out from the above?
>> TIA,
>> Marc Schwartz
> Did you change the firewall or mail configuration on
> ghost.localhost.com? If ghost.localhost.com is the local machine,
> then you should be using localhost ( and not
> ghost.localhost.com to send mail to.

Hi Mikkel,

There is no reference to ghost.localhost.com or the IP address that was
referenced in the error messages anywhere on my system (at least in the
places that I have looked, which include the relevant config files.)

That's why I cannot figure out where that hostname is coming from.

I have made no changes in the firewall or SELinux settings for some

I am kinda lost here and there is still no joy with a Google search,
where now, several of the first hits are my own post above...  :-)



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