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Re: Postfix errors in Logwatch

Björn Persson <bjorn rombobjörn se> writes:

> Marc Schwartz wrote:
>> Over the past couple of weeks or so, I have noted new error messages in
>> Logwatch pertaining to Postfix.
> [...]
>>         1   Oct  5 21:38:28 WALL-E postfix/smtp[7960]: connect to
>> ghost.localhost.com[]:25: Connection timed out
> is in the private address space. The whole 10.x.x.x block is 
> reserved for use on private networks and should not be routed on the public 
> Internet. That's why Postfix can't connect to that address.
> It seems like your Postfix has a message that it's trying to deliver to an 
> address in the domain "localhost.com", or some other domain for which the 
> mail server is specified as "ghost.localhost.com".
> The command "dig ghost.localhost.com SOA" tells me that the authoritative name 
> server for localhost.com is ghost.wraith.com. Its IP address is 
> These commands will tell you more:
> dig ghost.localhost.com ANY @ghost.wraith.com
> dig localhost.com ANY @ghost.wraith.com
> whois
> whois localhost.com
> whois wraith.com
> Publishing domain names that resolve to private addresses does not in itself 
> cause any harm, but if anyone is using such domains in URLs or sending out 
> email with sender addresses in such domains, then that's not a nice thing to 
> do.
> Björn Persson

Hi Bjorn,

I ran the above commands and it looks like the domain owner has
indeed put forth localhost.com, ghost.localhost.com,
ghast.localhost.com, wraith.com and others.

Perhaps the references to just localhost in the config files I posted in
my prior reply need to be expanded/altered to be more explicit to



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