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Re: Reboot every 1 hour, 19 seconds

Rodolfo Alcazar Portillo wrote:

Am Dienstag, den 07.10.2008, 09:48 -0500 schrieb Arthur Pemberton:
> When was the last time you dismantled and cleaned the machine?


Three monts ago? Seems clean, though.
- I changed the memory DIMMs.
- Disconnected the machine electrig plug.
- Pushed RESET button for about a minute.

I repeat: since the power outage, it reboots every 1.00.19, approx.


could not be a cron issue, that would lead to exactly 1 hour rebooting.
Every 3 reboots means 3 hours and a minute (look my previous logs).

# ls -l /etc/cron.hourly/
total 0
# at -l
# uname -r

In order, check:

1) Hardware: Fan. cooling, power-supply starvation, etc.
   Do not OS boot anything - see if your system shuts down
   without any OS running. If it does, then it is likely something
   with your Hardware or your BIOS.

2) BIOS?  Any special settings involving CPU/RAM or FAN settings?
   Check everything in the BIOs to ensure it "makes sense"

3) Boot from KNOPPIX/Live Fedora and see if system reboots.
   if your system reboots, check (2) then (1). If the system does
   not reboot, then continue.

4)  Have you done any installs, updates, or manual changes to your OS?

You can try to locate the offending software issue or you can start over
with a new OS install.

You could try booting with a previous kernel version.  It is not clear if
your problem is due to the kernel, due to installed/updated
packages,  or due to modifications you made to your system.

If you want to fix your existing setup, try "divide and conquer" method:
turning all services off, then enabled one at a time, or turning all essential
services are on, and then turn off each service, one at a time.


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