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Re: Postfix errors in Logwatch

Marc Schwartz wrote:
> "Mikkel L. Ellertson" <mikkel infinity-ltd com> writes:
>> Did you change the firewall or mail configuration on
>> ghost.localhost.com? If ghost.localhost.com is the local machine,
>> then you should be using localhost ( and not
>> ghost.localhost.com to send mail to.
> Hi Mikkel,
> There is no reference to ghost.localhost.com or the IP address that was
> referenced in the error messages anywhere on my system (at least in the
> places that I have looked, which include the relevant config files.)
> That's why I cannot figure out where that hostname is coming from.
> I have made no changes in the firewall or SELinux settings for some
> time.
> I am kinda lost here and there is still no joy with a Google search,
> where now, several of the first hits are my own post above...  :-)
> Regards,
> Marc
Can you post the contents of /etc/hosts? Also /etc/postfix/main.cf.

A couple of other questions - are you using transport maps, or do
you have a relay host configured? Also, are you using a program such
as dnsmasq that may be redirecting things strangely?


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