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Re: ssmtp problem

kwhiskerz wrote:
> Jonathan Underwood wrote:
>> An alternative is to use esmtp (a lightweight ssmtp equivalent) with
>> postfix for local mail delivery - see here:
>> http://esmtp.sourceforge.net/manual.html
> I appreciate the suggestion, but I don't see how this would be an
advantage (this is arcane territory for me). I would disable the
sendmail daemon, then have to configure 2 applications, where
sendmail needs NO configuration, and have to run another daemon
named procmail? So, I'm still running a daemon anyway and have a
whole lot of work to do every Fedora upgrade.
> What got me started on this was that I had read an article about
> a 5-second linux boot and they said they had disabled sendmail and
were using ssmtp instead with significant time saving.
esmtp or ssmtp are replacements Sendmail, and are faster loading.
You are using procmail for local mail delivery now - Sendmail calls
it when needed. It is not a daemon.


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