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Re: ssmtp problem

kwhiskerz wrote:
> So, I installed esmtp, shut down the sendmail daemon, and created
a file, /etc/esmtprc with the following contents:
> hostname = localhost.localdomain:25 mda "/usr/bin/procmail -d %T"
> I did not enter a username, password or identity line, as I do
> not
send myself mail as root, nor does root send me mail. All I want is
for the system mail to be sent to root and for newaliases to route
it to me.
> Just as a test, I did send a mail as root to me and it worked
(there was no name in the 'from' field, but that is because I didn't
define an identity, as can be seen above). Do you think this
configuration is all I need to get what I want, without any errors
or loss of system mail?
It should be, but I am not an expert on esmtpc - My need are more
complicated, so I run Postfix.


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