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lcd in kde doesn't get password protected and get in standby mode at tha same time


I'm using kde 4.1.1 with Fedora 9 and latest updates using a lcd samsung 226bw, but I 'm unable to get the lcd to sleep when I have a screensaver active or set screen to blank, and the reason of setting the screensaver is because I want to have the screen locked after certain amount of time and after that put the lcd to standby,suspend or power off.

I tried the options in System Settings -> Display -> Power Control

- Standby and suspend works only without any screensaver active , result the monitor sleep but isn't password protected - Power off option doesn't work, maybe because is a lcd screen and not a cathode ray monitor, the online help refers to the later.

if I set a screensaver the screen is password protected but never standby/suspend

a weird thing is I set the following:

- the standby or suspend to 10 minutes.
- the screen saver to 15 minutes.

result the screen saver kickin and the the lcd doesn't get to standby or suspend

anyone knows how to get the lcd to sleep and password protected.

thanks in advance,


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