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Re: Package Rebuilding

On Tue, 7 Oct 2008, James Kosin wrote:


I have a question:
 When you build a new package (say for postgresql) and you are leaping
version number, say from 7.x to 8.x, How do you go about updating the
other dependencies (other packages that require a library in 7.x) that
doesn't exist in the new package?  Without completely scrubbing the
other packages and rebuilding them afterwards that is.

 Maybe another way:  Can you specify the postgresql path while building
new rpms for the dependent packages, so they see the new package
libraries instead of the old?  Without either forcing the install of the
new package, or uninstalling all the dependent packages then rebuilding.

Maybe I'm missing something but if you have the package built, shouldn't yum install <package name> pull in and install all the dependencies provided you pointed yum to the package on your hard drive? What do I have wrong?

Bob Holtzman
A day without fusion is like, a day without sunshine
If it smells it's chemistry, if it crawls it's biology, if it doesn't
work it's physics

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