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Re: Followup Re: Windows XP & Fedora on one computer

Eric wrote:
> My situation is related but different.  I have a Fedora 9 bootable
> drive, and a WinXP bootable drive, both of which were created
> independently, i.e. when Fedora was installed the Windows disk wasn't
> installed so Fedora couldn't see it and configure a dual boot.
> So, how do I set up a dual boot after the fact?
> I used to know how to do that with lilo (but, if you asked me now, I'd
> never remember), but I never did it with grub.
> Thanks...
Something on the order of:

Title winXP
    root (hd0)
    map (hd0) (hd1)
    map (hd1) (hd0)
    chainloader +1

If the XP drive is the first drive, skip the map commands. They are
there so that the BIOS mapping of the XP drive matches the matches
the mapping from when XP was installed. This setup expects that the
MBR of the XP drive is still intact. If not, change the root to the
XP partition.


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