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Setup a Launcher(wine) for both Gnome/KDE and how to lock wallpaper and icons

Dear fellow fedora users,

I run a windows binary using wine in several machines that I have in the classroom.  Some run KDE and some run GNOME, one machine runs Fedora 7, another runs Fedora 8 and a third runs Fedora 9.  Two of the three run KDE while one runs GNOME as the default.  Both Desktops are installed.  I run Virtual Calculator


on the machines so that students can use a virtual calculator(no batteries get lost, actual calculators get lost/misplaced/stolen,... etc).  I run it with a command from a terminal shell:

[olivares localhost ~]$ wine ~/Virtual\ Calculator/Vti.exe &

I have tried to create launchers under both GNOME/KDE but they do not run successfully.  The calculator resides in a student directory with their own account.  same command as above.  How can I create a launcher correctly.  I have tried drag and drop the executable unto the desktop, but it does not work all of the time.  

Also, how can I protect the compter from how I have it setup so that students cannot change the background, move the icons and mess with the settings.  They have crashed the KDE 4 desktop several times and I have to reset the bottom panel back to how I like it.  I have created a copy of the ~/.kde directory like
$ mkdir -p ~/.kde_backup
$ cp -ra ~/.kde ~/.kde_backup

and when something goes bad or not to my liking I restore everything by brute force.  Is there a more efficient way?

Thank you for answers/suggestions/advice provided.




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