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Re: Wow.

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Alan Evans <ame.fedora <at> gmail.com> writes:
It's just that in this case, I didn't expect updating subversion to
pull in a new version of openoffice! And sendmail???

If packages A and B both depend on library L and if Rawhide has a newer version of L with a different soname major version (the number which indicates which versions of a library are binary-compatible with each other), then you cannot update package A without updating B, even if A and B are otherwise completely unrelated (because updating A drags in L which drags in the updated B because the newer L is no longer compatible with the old B - dependencies work both ways in this case). If L is a core system library, there can be a lot of packages like B.

        Kevin Kofler

Isn't it possible to have multiple versions of a library installed? This would let you install A and L.new and keep B and L.old, and everything should be fine. Or am I just confused? Is this a limitation of RPM or just a problem with the way things get packaged?



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