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wild and crazy selinux dependencies?

I was just trying to remove as many selinux related packages as possible
(a fedora 9 system) to avoid having to download their updates when I have
selinux turned off anyway.

Several of the rpms I tried to erase want to drag all kinds of ridiculous
stuff with them, and I'm just sort of curious why.

For example, attempting to erase policycoreutils results in this list:

 policycoreutils         i386       2.0.52-8.fc9           installed      3.3 M
Removing for dependencies:
 BackupPC                noarch     3.1.0-3.fc9            installed      2.2 M
 a2ps                    i386       4.14-5.fc9             installed      3.9 M
 docbook-utils-pdf       noarch     0.6.14-14.fc9          installed       110 
 evince-dvi              i386       2.22.2-1.fc9           installed      137 k
 html2ps                 noarch     1.0-0.1.b5.fc9         installed      226 k
 jadetex                 noarch     3.13-2.fc9             installed      6.9 M
 kpathsea                i386       2007-30.fc9            installed      158 k
 linuxdoc-tools          i386       0.9.21-16.fc9          installed      901 k
 mediawiki               i386       1.13.2-41.fc9          installed       33 M
 moin-latex              noarch     0-0.20051126.3.fc6     installed       64 k
 passivetex              noarch     1.25-8.fc9             installed      333 k
 tex-preview             noarch     11.85-7.fc9            installed      123 k
 texinfo-tex             i386       4.11-8.fc9             installed      375 k
 texlive                 i386       2007-30.fc9            installed      4.1 M
 texlive-dvips           i386       2007-30.fc9            installed      280 k
 texlive-latex           i386       2007-30.fc9            installed       96 k
 texlive-texmf           noarch     2007-22.fc9            installed       14 M
 texlive-texmf-dvips     noarch     2007-22.fc9            installed      2.0 M
 texlive-texmf-fonts     noarch     2007-22.fc9            installed      107 M
 texlive-texmf-latex     noarch     2007-22.fc9            installed       26 M
 texlive-utils           i386       2007-30.fc9            installed      447 k
 xmltex                  noarch     20020625-11.fc9        installed      114 k
 xmlto                   i386       0.0.20-3.fc9           installed       52 k

How on earth could texlive need a dependency on policycoreutils? All tex does is
read files, process the data, and generate new files. If tools that do that need
selinux, why doesn't everything else on the system depend on it?

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