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Re: samba installed from scratch on fc9 doesn't work for me

Massimo Maiurana, il 27/08/2008 22:14, scrisse:

one thing comes to my mind: could my problems be related to selinux?

it was not.

ok, this is just to let you know that my problems were indeed caused by a bug in that samba packages (3.2.0-2.17.fc9). I upgraded samba packages when version 3.2.3-0.20.fc9 was released, but unfortunately I didn't had a chance to try if this new version was working until today. well, now I can connect from fedora9 to win98, so I can use smbtar to backup win98, and this was my primary concern :) I still can't do the opposite, but I did not had the time to investigate further... after all it's not so important for me. I can't browse win98 via nautilus, I'm only able to use smbclient from the command line, but it's enough for the moment as it will be used only for backup purposes through scripts.

thanks to all the guys who tried to help me :)

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