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Re: Setup a Launcher(wine) for both Gnome/KDE and how to lock wallpaper and icons

Antonio Olivares wrote:
> Dear fellow fedora users,
> I run a windows binary using wine in several machines that I have
> in the classroom. Some run KDE and some run GNOME, one machine runs
Fedora 7, another runs Fedora 8 and a third runs Fedora 9. Two of
the three run KDE while one runs GNOME as the default. Both Desktops
are installed. I run Virtual Calculator
> http://www.ticalc.org/archives/files/fileinfo/84/8442.html
> on the machines so that students can use a virtual calculator(no
batteries get lost, actual calculators get lost/misplaced/stolen,...
etc). I run it with a command from a terminal shell:
> [olivares localhost ~]$ wine ~/Virtual\ Calculator/Vti.exe &
> I have tried to create launchers under both GNOME/KDE but they do
> not run successfully. The calculator resides in a student directory
with their own account. same command as above. How can I create a
launcher correctly. I have tried drag and drop the executable unto
the desktop, but it does not work all of the time.
> Also, how can I protect the compter from how I have it setup so
that students cannot change the background, move the icons and mess
with the settings. They have crashed the KDE 4 desktop several times
and I have to reset the bottom panel back to how I like it. I have
created a copy of the ~/.kde directory like
> $ mkdir -p ~/.kde_backup $ cp -ra ~/.kde ~/.kde_backup
> > and when something goes bad or not to my liking I restore
everything by brute force. Is there a more efficient way?
> Thank you for answers/suggestions/advice provided.
> Regards,
> Antonio
What does the command the launcher uses? I uses something like this,
and it works just fine:

env WINEPREFIX="/home/mikkel/.wine" wine

You do not have to set WINEPREFIX, but it is a good idea, especially
if you have more then one Wine configuration like I do. You can also
use it to set up a common C: drive for all users, and then a
specific D: drive for their data. If they have read-only access to
the C: drive, they are not going to be able to add programs, or mess
things up too much.

If you don't want to go the shared Wine environment, you can always
put the base configuration in /etc/skel/.wine, and each new user
will bet it.

Oh yes, if you use run Windows install program in Wine that creates
a desktop icon, it will create a launcher on your desktop.


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