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Re: Postfix errors in Logwatch

Björn Persson <bjorn rombobjörn se> writes:

> Marc Schwartz wrote:
>> Perhaps the references to just localhost in the config files I posted in
>> my prior reply need to be expanded/altered to be more explicit to
>> localdomain?
> I think your configuration is OK but you can test it by sending mail to 
> root localhost, for example with the command "mail root localhost".
> Look for the earliest occurrence of "localhost.com" in /var/log/maillog*. 
> Other log messages around the same time should show where the message came 
> from. You can also look in the subdirectories of /var/spool/postfix to see if 
> there's a message with an address in localhost.com.
> Björn Persson

Hi Bjorn and Mikkel,

Thanks to both of you, I have tracked this down to a cron job, which
was sending status e-mails to 'root localhost com' rather than
'root localhost'.

I am still trying to figure out how/when the behavior changed, but it
may very well have been some oversight on my part. I don't recall this
situation with Postfix before a few weeks ago, so something within that
recent time frame changed and I will review offline rsnapshot backups of
configuration files to see what I can see.

This also helps to explain why there were SMTP related errors in the
maillog, which was confusing me further, given that I was not expecting
any mail to be sent outside of my local system.

Thanks again to both of you for your assistance!



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