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Re: DISCOVERY Re: Why is Firefox such a beast??

Beartooth wrote:


I had noticed a new problem with the pix, but hadn't thought to check for it with FEBE : a lot of files a/o folders would show up in nautilus with a padlock emblem. Lo and behold, the extension folders, and some others, were littered all over with those blasted padlocks.

I had also discovered that I could clear away the padlocks by right-clicking a parent folder, choosing Properties, going to the Permissions tab, and making changes. (Why should there *be* permissions trouble with a file or folder, belonging to user btth on one machine, burned to CD by that user, inserted into another machine, then dragged and dropped by the same user into some folder belonging to that user?? Is this yet another betise of SELinux?? It didn't use to happen.)

If you just burned the files to CD, then copied them, you
wound up with READ ONLY copies. That is likely the cause of
the problems you encountered.

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