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Re: wild and crazy selinux dependencies?

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Tom Horsley wrote:
> I was just trying to remove as many selinux related packages as possible
> (a fedora 9 system) to avoid having to download their updates when I have
> selinux turned off anyway.
> Several of the rpms I tried to erase want to drag all kinds of ridiculous
> stuff with them, and I'm just sort of curious why.
> For example, attempting to erase policycoreutils results in this list:
> Removing:
>  policycoreutils         i386       2.0.52-8.fc9           installed      3.3 M
> Removing for dependencies:
>  BackupPC                noarch     3.1.0-3.fc9            installed      2.2 M
>  a2ps                    i386       4.14-5.fc9             installed      3.9 M
>  docbook-utils-pdf       noarch     0.6.14-14.fc9          installed       110 
>  evince-dvi              i386       2.22.2-1.fc9           installed      137 k
>  html2ps                 noarch     1.0-0.1.b5.fc9         installed      226 k
>  jadetex                 noarch     3.13-2.fc9             installed      6.9 M
>  kpathsea                i386       2007-30.fc9            installed      158 k
>  linuxdoc-tools          i386       0.9.21-16.fc9          installed      901 k
>  mediawiki               i386       1.13.2-41.fc9          installed       33 M
>  moin-latex              noarch     0-0.20051126.3.fc6     installed       64 k
>  passivetex              noarch     1.25-8.fc9             installed      333 k
>  tex-preview             noarch     11.85-7.fc9            installed      123 k
>  texinfo-tex             i386       4.11-8.fc9             installed      375 k
>  texlive                 i386       2007-30.fc9            installed      4.1 M
>  texlive-dvips           i386       2007-30.fc9            installed      280 k
>  texlive-latex           i386       2007-30.fc9            installed       96 k
>  texlive-texmf           noarch     2007-22.fc9            installed       14 M
>  texlive-texmf-dvips     noarch     2007-22.fc9            installed      2.0 M
>  texlive-texmf-fonts     noarch     2007-22.fc9            installed      107 M
>  texlive-texmf-latex     noarch     2007-22.fc9            installed       26 M
>  texlive-utils           i386       2007-30.fc9            installed      447 k
>  xmltex                  noarch     20020625-11.fc9        installed      114 k
>  xmlto                   i386       0.0.20-3.fc9           installed       52 k
> How on earth could texlive need a dependency on policycoreutils? All tex does is
> read files, process the data, and generate new files. If tools that do that need
> selinux, why doesn't everything else on the system depend on it?
All of these are executing restorecon in  order to set file context in
their post install correctly.

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