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Re: kaddressbook + openldap

On Thu, 2008-10-09 at 22:12 +0100, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> But I am thinking about my own system at home.
> I think my query is one that will become more significant,
> as more people set up multi-machine systems at home.
> Essentially, I would like to have all information
> on one "server", and access this information
> from various laptops.
> To this end, I've set up an openldap address book
> (much more difficult than I expected,
> as openldap people seem to speak a strange language).

Tell me about it :-)

> I'd like to use this address book for all purposes,
> eg as a phonebook as well as source for distribution lists.

So far so good. That's what LDAP is for.

> I use dovecot IMAP to keep email on one machine,
> and basically would like to extend this to distribution lists.

This is where you lose me. I can understand wanting to define a list as
the result of an LDAP query (rather than having to enumerate all the
members) but you can do that via your MTA. For example we have public
IMAP lists defined for "all students", "all faculty" and so on, by
tweaking our Postfix config. I don't know much about Dovecot but I
imagine it can also do this. Involving a mail client just seems to be
the wrong way to go about it.


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