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Re: kernel development approach for fedora

Mail Lists wrote:

  In this new mode we would have only  2 streams -  current development
and stable.

  Current development targets remerging every few weeks into stable ..
quite different than current rawhide and patching f8/f9 and the next big
bang release is f10 etc.

   Google back in lkml for Linus and others thoughts about the different
approaches - i'm just asking if his approach may also be a good model at
the distro level. Rawhide is not the same at all.

What you are describing in the "rolling release" model instead of the branch of release model. Kernel development isn't exactly that due to it's very distributed nature with many different parallel branches.

There are a few distributions that do this - Gentoo, Arch etc. Each has it's advantages and disadvantages. One of the problems of rolling release model distributions in a mass scale is that, it is pretty difficult to stabilize even to a nominal level.


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