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Re: kernel development approach for fedora

Mail Lists wrote:
On 10/10/2008 03:49 PM, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Mail Lists wrote:
  In this new mode we would have only  2 streams -  current development
and stable.

There are a few distributions that do this - Gentoo, Arch etc. Each has
it's advantages and disadvantages. One of the problems of rolling
release model distributions in a mass scale is that, it is pretty
difficult to stabilize even to a nominal level.


   While that is true, the argument goes that large periodic releases
has drawbacks too - and the kernel seems to be do pretty well with its
approach ... I still wonder whether the kernel way may work for fedora ..

The rolling release model works well for distributions that simply follow upstream, but Fedora is often *ahead* of upstream on several features. We need to maintain a bit more stability with the baseline package so we can safely add the innovative patches that aren't yet in Linus's kernel tree.

-- Chris

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