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/usr/share/locale -- and EeePC??

	I'm trying to run F9 on one of the earliest EeePCs. Even with a 
camera card in it, and F9 on a USB stick, baobab shows /usr/share/locale 
taking up a really inordinate amount of space. (The next biggest thing 
seems to be OpenOffice, which I can be quite sure of never having to run 
on this machine -- and I hope to get rid of that, too.) On this PC (not 
the EeePC), nautilus shows it containing well over 13,000 items, adding 
up to nearly 370 MB

	I opened /usr/share/locale and looked at a few sample folders; 
most contain only one folder, called LC_MESSAGES, and that folder is 
usually empty.

	I realize folders may be necessary to have, even if they're 
empty; and I plan to leave them alone on full-sized machines. But 
thirteen thousand-odd of them? On a computer you could actually put into 
some pockets? (Yes, I have garments with pockets big enough; not many, 
but some.)

	Is there some good reason not to just get rid of ninety-odd per 
cent of all this stuff??

Beartooth Staffwright, PhD, Neo-Redneck Linux Convert
Fedora 8 & 9; Alpine 2.00, Pan 0.132; Privoxy 3.0.6;
Dillo 0.8.6, Galeon 2, Epiphany 2, Opera 9, Firefox 2 & 3
Remember I know precious little of what I am talking about.

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