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Re: atheros madwifi driver not working

Agile Aspect wrote:
Martín Marqués wrote:
I just got a Compaq Presario F700 which has an Atheros chip based wifi
PCI express card. I check on the web and found that I had to install

I can't find that package in livna, nor can I find it in atrpms, so I
installed kmod-madwifi and madwifi from livna (which installed for
dependencies iwl4965-firmware), but even though the module gets loaded
automatically, the card doesn't work.

What's wrong?
You probably have the wrong driver.

I have AR5007EG and but lspci indicates it's an AR242.

If you have Windows installed, look at the device under

That wifi device is not going to work under the kernel-2.6.26, but the kernel-2.6.27 has the drivers for that chipset and they work perfect in FC10.
I have a eeePC702 with the Ar5007EG and is working great in FC10.

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