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Re: Fedora9 on macbook

Hi Marcel,

You can created your own keyboard, and I hope the following links help you with this issue:

Sorry for late.

On Sun, Aug 3, 2008 at 2:32 PM, Marcel Janssen <korgull home nl> wrote:

I have F9 installed on my macbook (tripple boot with OSX and WindowsXP).
The installation of F9 went very well and I must say, a lot faster than OSX
and Windows.

Most things work in F9 (airport works, bluetooth works etc) but I'm having
trouble finding the correct keyboard driver and a way to map the right apple
key as right mouse button.

Does anyone know how to get the keyboard work correctly so that I can also use
CTRL-ALT-F1  and have delete button functionality ?

I tried xmodmap regarding the right apple key but it somehow doesn't work for
me. Is there another way to get this done ?

Also, I tried compiz but when I enable it my whole screen turns white with
only a mouse pointer.  Anyone seen this bug ?


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Waleed Harbi
If you want your goals to come true, don't sleep.

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