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Re: fedora 9 and swapping motherboards

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wrote:
> I have a head scratcher here.  I was trying to swap motherboards on a
> clean F9 x86_64 install.  The system was updated to the current yum
> levels before the mobo swap.  Attempting to boot got me through grub,
> but when it came time to mount the root FS for the first time it told
> me that the Volume Group couldn't be found.  This is a disk that boots
> f9 without any problems on the old motherboard.  Booting with a rescue
> disk on the new motherboard I can see and mount the Volume Group just
> fine.  I'm at a loss why the rescue disk can see the volume group, but
> the normal boot sequence can't.  
> This is on the x86_64 mobo that runs F9 just fine if I temporarily
> install a scratch disk and install F9 on that.  It is just the f9 disk
> that was installed by the old mobo that gives problems.  Weird.  Can
> anyone shed some light on this puzzler?
Chances are, you have a different hard drive controller on the new
mother board, so the wrong module is in the initrd. (The kernel and
initrd are loaded using the BIOS, so they are not affected.) All you
need to do is boot with the rescue disk, chroot to your file system,
 mount /boot if it is a separate partition, and run mkinitrd for
your kernel.


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