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Re: Firefox seg fault

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Steve Searle wrote:
> firefox
> It doesn't work from the icon either - I only ran it from the cl to
> capture the output.

ok. from what i find in scripts, you may have a bad update. just what got
hosed|trash|whatever, is something that i can not answer.

from what i do see, 1st seg fault, you may have a bad or missing lib file.
2nd seg fault is '$prog' not being properly defined.

easiest thing to do, uninstall firefox and then reinstall.

if still no go, something you can try is 'firefox --debug' to see if you
can get more info to help find what is happening.

this is about as far as i will be able to follow with you as i am running
scientific linux 2.5 with firefox 3.0.2b. other system on this box is
fedora 8 with no firefox update. [i am waiting for fedora 10 out of test,
and hoping it will be in better shape than f9.]

my 'mozilla-plugin-config' line 72 = your line 73 and 'run-mozilla.sh'
line 166 = your line 131.

much luck to you.

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