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Re: Two problems in f9 - pulseaudio and kde4 - need suggestions

On Monday 13 October 2008 00:06, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Marko Vojinovic <vvmarko <at> panet.co.yu> writes:
> > But it is being done very fast, and KDE 4.2 (iirc, to come with
> > F10) will be much more feature-rich then the present version 4.1.
> F10 will ship with 4.1.2 or 4.1.3, not 4.2. There's simply no way we can
> ship 4.2 in F10 when it's not even in alpha yet, its alpha release is
> scheduled for the day of the final development freeze and the beta release
> for the day of the F10 release. We just cannot ship F10 with an alpha KDE
> (even a beta 1 would be bad, and there's no way we can rush that in anyway,
> even getting the tarballs early as packagers, because Fedora releases are
> cut some time before the official release date).

Ok, but I guess that it would eventually become available and get pulled in 
with the updates? Or will it appear not before F11?

> We're testing a backport of panel autohiding though. See the
> kdebase-workspace-4.1.2-5.fc10 package for F10 and the
> kdebase-workspace-4.1.2-5.fc9 package for F9 (note that you need the 4.1.2
> stuff from updates-testing to test that build). I can't promise yet that
> the feature will stay (we're still gathering feedback - if it's too broken,
> we'll have to revert it and wait for 4.2), but if it works out fine, it'll
> likely end up both released with F10 and pushed to the F9 updates.

That's good news! Hope it will work out ok! :-)

Best, :-)

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