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Re: DHCP will not grab ip.

>> That's probably poor configuration - many access points come with a
>> predefined name (e.g. calling themselves "linksys") and their owners
>> never bother to change them.

Bill Davidsen:
> To be honest it's probably a really bad configuration, but the essid is not the 
> preset. The idea is that regular staff have one channel and one key, and 
> executive staff have the other channel and key, but both APs share a name.  At 
> least with Windows that hasn't been an issue, although I see no reason why they 
> didn't use two names.

Sounds a little crazy, but there's various IDs from the set, there's
probably a different name in one of the IDs, and there's the MAC to
identify one from another.  Though it'd certainly be easier to work out
if you had access-one and access-two to choose from, for instance.

>> There is a use for having access points with the same ID, so that users
>> roaming through a large complex could just connect to "college" with the
>> nearest access point answering to that name.  Though you'd also have the
>> same key on all the access points.

> The nearby college has a load of same, just as you describe. I have no idea if 
> the APs hand off like cell towers, I suspect not, but if the reconnect logic is 
> robust and includes a search (and maybe use strongest match) I guess it might 
> work as students wander the campus.

I don't think you'd get true roaming, like a mobile phone call where it
stays alive while you move from one cell to another.  More like that you
simply wouldn't have to change any configuration from when you pack up
and move to a different area.

[tim localhost ~]$ uname -r

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