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Re: EeePC - to Fedora or not?

Am Sonntag, den 12.10.2008, 14:24 +0100 schrieb Timothy Murphy:
> I recently acquired an Asus EeePC-1000
> (the Linux version with a 40GB SSD).
> I don't really like the Linux system running on the machine,
> and am thinking about installing Fedora instead or in addition.

What are you planning to use the eee for? 

*If you want to use for development, work in your office, I wouldn't
encourage it, the SSD behaves too slow. Obviously, there you need
fedora. But I think that's not the purpose of an eee. Starting from the
keyboard size, it's too little in any sense for hard working.

* But if you prefer home usage, fun, reading, etc., Xandros is enough.
You have a nice wiki (wiki.eeeuser.com), with fixes for almost
everything. The eee was designed for that.

I use it for studying. I installed F9, and it was really cool. But slow.
And need recompiling the ath driver on each kernel upgrade. So I turned
back to Xandros, hack a little (eeeuser.com), and I'm happy. 

> What actually are the advantages of Fedora in this case?

The Fedora full- experience. But somehow slow. Xandros is really faster.

> Also, will I have any problems with WiFi,

I used to compile the ath driver. If you follow the instructions on the
Fedora eee wiki, almost everything works. Not the mic. But I did'nt need
it. Xandros installs Firefox 2, enough for the eee. But fedora gets
Firefox 3, which turns slower.

> which works very well in the current system?

As I said, if you follow the F9 eee wiki hacks, everything but the mic.
The wifi driver needs recompiling each kernel upgrade. Compiz works
great. Games as foobilliard or Mame runs very well. You have always
updated versions of all software. Xandros holds some old software.

Farewell :)
Rodolfo Alcazar - rodolfo alcazar padep org bo
otbits.blogspot.com / counter.li.org: #367962
"Es gibt kein unmoralisches Buch. B├╝cher sind gut geschrieben oder
schlecht geschrieben. Das ist alles."
- Oscar Wilde

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