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Re: F9: System hangs after long inactivity.

Slim Joe wrote:

On 2008/10/13, Dan Thurman <dant cdkkt com> wrote:

> I have just gotten ahold of my daughter's system and now
> and looking at why is it, that her system hangs after a long
> period of inactive use (ie when she goes to bed, goes to work,
> then comes home to find a hung system).  I tried this myself
> now and find it to be 100% consistent.
> This problem never occurred before, with the oldest kernel
> (kernel- and before the massive updates
> that included new kernels+xorg/ltsp and it only happens
> with the Intel DQ35J0 but not with the ASUS P5GC-MX/1333
> which is my own system?

Sorry, not an answer. But I'm just curious. Does the problem
still occur when you boot using the old kernel? Or does it
happen only with the new kernel? In my case I have trouble
booting with kernel 2.6.26, but I boot successfully into an
otherwise stable Gnome environment with kernel 2.6.25
(the default installed by the Fedora 9 DVD).

I am using F9 and the Gnome environment.

At first, there was no problem at the time I was
running kernel but when the updates
with the new kernels. xorg, ltsp, etc., that is when
the shite hit the fan.  Several different problems
cropped up, rhgb was failing (xorg?), newer kernels
installed AFTER the "big update", started failing
(due to ltsp-client bug), and then there is the question
of one person stated that his system was shutting down
(or hanging?) after "1 hour" and that disabling the WOL
via BIOS fixed his problem. But I wonder if he fixed the
symptom, not the underlying cause, due to my situation.

Unfortunately, with the hard-reset - my F9 is not booting,
using *any* kernel, I cannot seem to back it up (complains
of disk failures (but the disk is < 2 months old!)), and I am
attempting to  cp -a the source partition to the destination
partition right now as I write - so I am trying to recover the
partition but not much success to report as of yet.  When I
get at least some of the source partition copied over, I will
then check to see if a tune2fs -f <SP> will restore the ext3
from ext2 as I explained previously.

As for your kernel boot issue, you should write down what
you see as to why it fails to boot.  What does the boot message
say?  Does it stop at some point and hang?  You have not
given much information to go on.


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