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Re: X display sharing fails (xauth)

Bill Davidsen wrote:
Joe Smith wrote:
... Any ideas what broke, or suggestions for getting my old
configuration working again?

Several thoughts... first, since you don't tell us what you meant by
"an xauth entry that allowed the other user access to my display," no
one will see anything there.

Fair enough, but I have no idea what to call it. Xauth is an impenetrable mystery to me.

All I did was crib from the man page:

$ xauth extract - $DISPLAY | ssh testuser xauth merge -

Second, did you do anything with networking and/or DNS which could
have confused the issue? That includes installing "upgrades," which
has been known to close security holes by making the whole method
stop working.

Nothing obvious. Gdm was updated on 3 Oct, but I'm fairly sure I've shared the display successfully after that. I guess that's the best possibility.

There was an update of 'dbus-x11' that fits my time frame estimate better, but the package description seems to throw water on that:

| D-BUS contains some tools that require Xlib to be installed, those are
| in this separate package so server systems need not install X.

And finally, why not just ssh to the other user with X forwarding? ssh -X user2 localhost would let user2 run X apps without xhost

Maybe some of that will help.

Yes, very helpful--thanks.

Good point; I forgot about ssh. It's certainly a good solution but seems pretty heavyweight for what I need, both in setup work and while running.

Any suggestion on how to follow-up on the gdm angle? I guess I could just file a bug on xauth and see what happens.

Thanks again,


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