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Re: Semi urgent (and possibly stupid problem)

Joseph L. Casale wrote:
>> I'd really like to just boot a rescue CD (or something) and get
>> to the new boot ISO and burn it from another system.
> Why can't you boot from the dvd/(first install iso) and get into
> recovery mode, mount your install, look for the iso and then burn it?
> jlc
You may want to make some changes to avoid this problem in the
future. You could install Grub on the Linux partition boot record
instead of the MBR. There is plenty of documentation on how to add
that as a boot option in XP.

With a bit more work, you could create a boot CD that would not have
to be changed when you update kernels - just build the Grub CD with
the default option chainloading to the Linux partition, using a
short timeout. This would transfer control to the Grub installation
on the hard drive. As long as you keep a spare copy of the CD, you
should be set as long as you do not damage both the working and
backup copies at the same time.

If the system will boot from a USB drive, you could also build a USB
stick to do the same job. You could even make it the /boot
partition, but that would be risky if you lost it, or somebody else
uses it and re-formats it.


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