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Re: X display sharing fails (xauth)

Joe Smith wrote:
> Bill Davidsen wrote:
>> And finally, why not just ssh to the other user with X forwarding? ssh
>> -X user2 localhost would let user2 run X apps without xhost
>> configuration.
>> Maybe some of that will help.
> Yes, very helpful--thanks.
> Good point; I forgot about ssh. It's certainly a good solution but seems
> pretty heavyweight for what I need, both in setup work and while running.
Not a lot of setup work - If you do not like typing in the password,
you can create a key pair. I would use -Y instead of -X, but that is
minor. You run the ssh command in an xterm, and then enter the
commands you want to run as the second user in that xterm after
running the ssh command. Running "ssh -Y user2 localhost" works
about the same as running "su - user2". (There are differences, but
for what you are after, it should not be a problem.)

Now, if you wanted a full desktop for the second user, you could
consider using something like Xnest. But that is nore work...


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