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.Trash collection doesn't work

Hi. I have moved all my work files to a separate partition; here's an excerpt from my /etc/fstab:

/dev/VGsdb/LVhome      /home           ext3  defaults,noatime  1 2
/dev/VGsdb/LVhomeWork  /home/homeWork  ext3  defaults,noatime  1 2

I have a directory inside /home/homeWork for each user (the same name and access as the corresponding directory in /home) under which each user can have a work directory if desired, that can be linked back into that user's home directory, or elsewhere. This arrangement is made so that I can have access to my work files in whichever OS I'm running at the moment, while keeping the config files separate for each OS.

This seems to work fine, except for the trash collection of deleted files. If I create a file in the /home/<USER>/ directory and then delete it, it goes to .Trash in the users home. If I delete a file in a linked in a directory, it can't be moved to .Trash, but I get the option to delete it completely. (This is, btw, in Gnome.)

Is there a way to fix this, preferably with a separate .Trash under the /home/homeWork tree?
Perhaps you see other snags floating my way..?

I've tried to google for an answer, but this isn't exactly standard procedure...

Frode Petersen

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