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Re: get mirror out of list

2008/10/13, Martín Marqués <martin marques gmail com>:
> I have a problem with a Fedora mirror which has terrible timeout
> problems making the downloading slow. Is there a way I can tell yum to
> ignore it?

I too would like to know of a proper solution.
In the meantime I resort to a hack, I delete the
entry for the slow mirror. The command

[tcsh] find /var/cache/yum -name mirrorlist.txt

should give you the list of files to edit (which
can be done only as root, so take care!). The
problem is that mirrorlist.txt is updated
regularly. Any changes you make will be lost.

A more permanent solution is probably to edit the
"mirrorlist=" line in /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora.repo.

Google for something like [fedora yum mirrorlist
local mirror] for the dirty details. The basic
steps is to (a) create a local list of mirrors
and (b) point yum toward that list. The main
disadvantage of this is that you have to update
the list of fedora repositories manually.

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