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Re: [OT] EeePC - to Fedora or not?

Am Montag, den 13.10.2008, 23:47 +0100 schrieb Timothy Murphy:
> Perhaps there should be a warning somewhere, "If you are a Linux user,
> do not read the Software Users Manual.
> Instead type Ctrl-Alt-T, and you will be in familiar territory.

LOL! That was cool...

> If you click on Work=>Documents on my EeePC you are taken to Star Office.
> There is no mention that I see of OpenOffice.

?? Well, I have the 900 linux-model. Xandros default installs with OO. I
just checked a minute ago. Only the Windows-preinstalled version comes
with StarOffice:  


> >> > *If you want to use for development, work in your office, I wouldn't
> >> > encourage it, the SSD behaves too slow.
> The SSD does not seem particularly slow to me ...

Well, in fact it is. The SSD takes about the same or twice the time of a
HD to read operations (my own test); but it takes two to four times to
make write ops. That leads to my next answer:

> > But as you said, you don't need it for a heavy work. 
> I don't know what you mean by "heavy work".
> I don't believe in storing information on a laptop,
> if that is what you mean.

No. Storing documents/sheets/mails is really what Eee's are designed
for. If you try to develop, like, say, with Eclipse, while running
apache, and a couple of heavy pages on Firefox for you app and
debugging... ah. That's heavy work. Needs a lot of RAM, makes a lot of
r/w ops. There you will taste the slown-eee-ss. Just try the full "yum
update" (say, 300Mb): packages will download normally. But when the
actual upgrading starts... turn the TV on. (obviously, comparing the
same process with a PC with a hard disk). A note: read somewhere that
windows installing requires a full day. Didn't and wouldn't test.

Maybe you should try Fedora to convince yourself. Maybe you'll not
bother with some more boot time seconds(20? 30?), with the Firefox 3
heavyness, with the recurrent atheros drivers compiling (maybe next
kernel includes it). 

Good Luck!
Rodolfo Alcazar
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Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ) GmbH

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