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Re: Fedora 10 - flawed testing process

Steve Repo wrote:
I downloaded F10 beta with this hopes of testing it enough to ensure
it would worl for my hardware and needs well enough when it's
released. The hardware(s) I tried to install on either crashes or does
not install due to GUI issues.

I've filed bug reports and all I been requested to file crashed logs.
How do I do that when the kernel has crashed. Any help is appreciated.

You can boot into rescue mode.

Also, at this time I cannot do anything other than wait till preview
release and hope bugs are fixed.

And oh, the "snapshot 1" release notes say installer won't work (whats
the point of a snapshot if it's fundamentally buggy?)

You have misinterpreted what it says.

The release notes say that the regular installation images are not provided because of bugs. The live cd have always been installable. Read


I was hoping there was a more easier way to test install process than
having to download 4GB for every "snapshot" release.

Sure, there is. Use the boot.iso image which is much smaller and do a network installation. If you want to test other things besides the installer, you can install the previous release and do a preupgrade or yum upgrade as well.



Also fedora-test list is more appropriate for such discussions. Thank you for your interest.


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