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Re: .Trash collection doesn't work

Thanks for the reply!

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Frode Petersen wrote:
Hi. I have moved all my work files to a separate partition; here's an excerpt from my /etc/fstab:

/dev/VGsdb/LVhome      /home           ext3  defaults,noatime  1 2
/dev/VGsdb/LVhomeWork  /home/homeWork  ext3  defaults,noatime  1 2
This seems to work fine, except for the trash collection of deleted files.

what i have seen thru years of using linux and non lvm, is that each partition
has it's own '.trash' directory. this seems to be because when a file is
'trashed', inode info is move from original directory to '.trash' directory
along original directory name. this saves having to physically move file to
'.trash' directory.

I tested some more inspired by this...
I created a new logical volume and mounted it directly under my home directory. In this case trash is sent to the can in my home directory, not a separate one in the new partition. Perhaps this is configurable behaviour.

I don't think that my problem stems from lvm issues, but from my _symlinking_ directories from that separate partition into my home directory tree. It seems to me that trash handling can't traverse symlinks. The question is whether it is possible to configure Gnome's confusion away.. (Wish I had that option for myself) :-)

being that you are using lvm format, i would suggest that if you want a
common '.trash' to each user, eliminate '/home/homeWork' partition and make
'/home' a larger partition from start with '/homeWork' as a sub directory
under '/home'.

This is part of a plan that would allow me to use different distros for different needs whithout loosing access to my work files, and shielding me from possible config file conflicts between systems and different versions of programs. Now it became an experiment; don't know which is more important. ;-)


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