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Re: .Trash collection doesn't work

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Frode Petersen wrote:
> Thanks for the reply!


> I created a new logical volume and mounted it directly under my home 
> directory.

ok. now try mounting it under '/home' to see what happens. this way, all users
will have access to common files.

> Perhaps this is configurable behaviour.

maybe. but i would not think so as it is easier and faster to move inode info
than to move a full file.

> I don't think that my problem stems from lvm issues, but from my 
> _symlinking_ directories from that separate partition into my home 
> directory tree. It seems to me that trash handling can't traverse
> symlinks.

here again, symlinks across partitions can be eliminated if you build
everything under '/home' as lvm should handle need for space and not have
need for multi lv's.

> The question is whether it is possible to configure Gnome's 
> confusion away..  (Wish I had that option for myself) :-)

gnome is not confused and it is not a desktop thing. it is file system.

i do believe that you should use just one lv for '/home'. it can very well
solve all of problems that you are having. and i am still having a problem
in seeing why you feel need to store data files in their own partition. main
reason of '/home' on it's own partition is to be able to maintain users and
data common to more than one system install.

> This is part of a plan that would allow me to use different distros for 
> different needs whithout loosing access to my work files,

as long as other systems are lvm capable, having '/home' as it's own lv
should be all that you need.

> different versions of programs.

different versions *should* have back compatibility to read old files. saving
and reading by older versions is where you will/may have problems.

i do believe that you need to take a break, set back and think about what
you are trying to do and reason a strong justification for having 2 lv
setups that can actually be done with one lv.
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