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Re: Beeping while running

Seann Clark wrote:
Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
Recently, one of my machines (running F8) has started beeping and I can't figure out the reason why. After watching it this morning, I've noticed that every 30 minutes it seems to beep 20 times. It almost sounds like a BIOS beep, but the machine has 177 days of uptime (and counting). So, I'm wondering, what will cause 20 short beeps? My wife describes it as almost sounding like a flute. I figure its got to be a warning of some kind. The motherboard is an ABit NF7-S2 with an AMD XP 2600+ CPU and 1.5GB of RAM (3 512MB sticks).

Silly question, but did you check Hardware temps, and states? Some of the ABIT/AMD's support overburn, and that sounds a lot like what my old AMD 3k+ would do if it was getting too warm (or staying just too warm enough, but not enough to force a shutdown).

Running in the 30's Celsius.  CPU is 37, case is 30.


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