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Upgrade Question

Okay, I'm trying to upgrade a server of mine from Fedora 8 to 9.  The server does not have a CD or DVD drive.  It only has a USB key that I can boot from.  In the past, I have used the diskboot.img file (using dd to the USB key), and booted from it, and used HTTP to do upgrades.

With Fedora 9 that file is no longer on the media.  I found some instructions to extract a diskboot.img file from boot.img, and followed them, and used dd to write that to my USB key.  That worked, and it booted up, and I selected text mode upgrade, and pointed at both a local machine on my network, with the entire DVD served by Apache, and a mirror.  The installation retrieves the stage2.img, and then I get a welcome to Fedora message with an OK button, and it just sits there after that.  When I pointed at my local web server, I noticed in the error_log that the upgrade process was looking for two files that it couldn't find, which were upgrade.img and product.img.  On the console of the server itself, I see three warnings:

step installtype does not exist
step confirminstall does not exist
step complete does not exist

The other options that I have tried include preupgrade, but that requires GTK, and won't run in text mode (the only thing I have available on the server).

At this point, I'm at a loss on how to upgrade this server to Fedora 9.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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