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Re: Beeping while running

Kevin J. Cummings wrote:
Christopher K. Johnson wrote:
I don't know if this is a silly suggestion, because I don't know your physical setup.

Any chance that the beeping is actually from an adjacent UPS instead?

No, I've identified that the beeping is coming from my computer speakers plugged into the back of my computer and not from the motherboard/case speaker and not from the UPS.

Some provide similar indications when tested and there is an issue such as weak batteries, and your software for the UPS could be initiating hourly tests.

"service apcupsd status" indicates:  "Selftest: NO"

What runlevel are you on with that box? 3 or 5? I don't remember if you mentioned it in a prior post or not. If it is coming from the soundcard, I would more suspect a program wanting attention more than an actual problem. If it is running a GUI (runlevel 5 on Fedora) then I would more suspect an application running, and wanting some sort of attention.


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