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Re: Beeping while running

Seann Clark wrote:
What runlevel are you on with that box? 3 or 5? I don't remember if you mentioned it in a prior post or not. If it is coming from the soundcard, I would more suspect a program wanting attention more than an actual problem. If it is running a GUI (runlevel 5 on Fedora) then I would more suspect an application running, and wanting some sort of attention.

Its running at runlevel 5. X11 is running just fine, but nothing in any of my virtual desktops is asking for attention. I seem to remember that my BIOS has an option to route the PC Speaker output through the onboard integrated soundcard, and I set it. So what I'm probably hearing was originally routed to the PC speaker. I'm willing to believe that it is is originating with the motherboard, but I'm unsure where to look. I have the owner's manual for this motherboard, but I can't find anything except the following excert:

Under the chapter "PC Health Status" there is a CPU Warning Temperature where I can select a temperature (from 50c to 120c) at which I want the system to send out a warning message to the PC speakers of when the temperature goes beyond either limit. I guess the next time I reboot, I'll go and look at what its currently set to.

I like how the manual doesn't say *WHAT* is sent to the speakers, just that something is sent to the speakers. Quality Documentation, Tastefully Presented.


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